Thanks for you interest in volunteering!


In order to participate in volunteering with CCE, you will first need to created an account through AND complete the background check under your account. 


You will not be able to view VOLY sign ups unless you are logged in (account is set up with cleared background check).


Once your background check is cleared (usually doesn't take long), and your account is all green (see photo below), then you can view VOLY sign ups!


We understand that VOLY is not very user-friendly :(

This is the system RISD requires all volunteers to use for safety purposes.



Troubleshooting VOLY:



If you're trying to navigate to a VOLY sign up straight from an external flyer link and it's not working:

- Make sure you're logged in!

- Try logging in to your account through your browser first on, then click the external link again

- Make sure all the steps on your account are completed and green (like image below). If they aren't all green, you'll need to resolve that before signing up

- Try finding the opportunity by searching all open signups for CCE (outlined in the section below). 


If you're looking to find all of the open volunteer opportunities for CCE on VOLY:

1. On mobile: Click the RISD Seal then go to the hamburger menu icon (three lines) on top right and click on "Schools".

    On desktop: Go to top left red button "Find Opportunities". Then, on the top menu next to the RISD seal, click "Schools".  

2. Scroll down and find "Canyon Creek Elementary" logo and click on it.

3. Scroll down to view all of CCE's open volunteer opportunities.

4. Click on the event and scroll down to review all the details about it

5. In order to see available volunteer slots, click on the words "Click Here for Dates" in the red bar at the top of that event's page. 


If you've tried all these steps and are still having difficulty, please contact Mary Linda Beall in our front office:



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