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Lunch Sign Up:

A message from CCE Front office:

We are excited to allow lunch visitors starting the 3rd week of school. Because of limited seating space, we are asking that you fill out the Lunch Visitor Sign-Up Genius prior to arriving on campus. There will be three designated spots for each grade level that you can sign up for. We believe it is important for your children to socialize with one another at lunch. Because of this, please limit your visits to once a week. 


When you are here, we ask that you respect the following lunch visitor expectations:

Sit at the designated table labeled “Lunch Visitors”.

This is a special time between you and your child. No other classmates will be able to join you.

All younger (non-school aged) siblings are welcome but should also be seated at the visitor table.

No pictures or videos should be taken in the cafeteria. This is for the safety and privacy of our students and staff.

Ensure that your child is lined up with their class once their lunch time is over.



Lunch Schedule 2023-24:

Calhoun (KG)           10:45-11:15

Taylor (KG)              10:45-11:15

Mayes (1st)              11:35-12:05       

Ware (1st)                11:35-12:05

Morales (2nd)           10:55-11:25

Ramsey (2nd)           10:55-11:25

Latham (3rd)            11:25-11:55

Montgomery (3rd)     11:25-11:55

Metzger (4th)            11:05-11:35

Patterson (4th)          11:05-11:35

Hobbs (5th)               11:50-12:20

Taylor (5th)               11:50-12:20

Bales (6th)                12:05-12:35

Haick (6th)                12:05-12:35





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