Our PTA is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.


Interested in open board positions? Contact us!


PTA 2016-2017 CCE PTA Calendar of Events

2017-2018 CCE PTA Board 


2017-2018 CCEPTA Board of Directory


Executive Officers:

Erika Coco
VP Programs 

Melissa von Goertz
VP Membership

Jordan Gower
VP Hospitality

Heather Segal - Pamela Hunt - Amber Wallock
VP Ways & Means

Tracie McCormick
VP Communications

Jala Zink - Sarah Dudley
VP Strategic Planning

Heather Alsup

Amy Rouquette/Mercedi Hale

Ryan Amerson

Melissa Geering

Standing Committees:
Arts in Education

Niki Hawkins

Scott Zimmerman - Susie Grossman
Book Publishing                                       

Anne Shacklett

Katelyn Vanderpool                                                    
Citizenship & Legislation  

Patricia Evans                          
Environmental Services

Courtney Johnston
Gift Shop Coordinator

Allison Cole
Health, Safety & Youth

Stephanie McNaughton - Paula Stollings
Homeroom Coordinator

Carrie Robbins
Library Services

Sara Shasteen
Multicultural Education

Joe Cormane                                

Andrea Haynes
Student Directory

Tiffany Rizzo
Supply Cart

Julie Cormane - Carrie Coombes
Talent Show

Christine Berry - Elena Berry - Carrie Robbins
Volunteer Services

Tiffany Amerson

Wendi Ellis

Other Board Positions:

Carol Mixon
Faculty Representative

Carrie Greene                            
Corresponding Secretary

Jennifer French
Council Delegate (Used Book Fair)

Leah Bailey - Julie Corame
Council Delegate (Clothes Closet)

Shelly Johnson
Council Delegate Alternate

Kim Sierra
Council Delegate Alternate

Candace Meredith

Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events