We are already planning ahead for Holiday Gift Shop 2024!


Most of the 2024 shop items have already been purchased and are being sorted.


We will need PTA members to help store bins of gift shop items until December. If you're interested in helping (there's a fun incentive), then keep reading!


Dear parents/ guardians – the gift shop needs your help!

Starting mid January we need help storing all bins full of 2024 gift shop items/goodies. 

If you are a PTA member and have room in your house/ garage for 3 or more 20 + gallon bins, please reach out to giftshop@ccepta.org. If you can store them in an airconditioned area in your house, that would be preferred but not mandatory.

The CCE students of the first 7 people who can store a minimum of 3 bins will have the opportunity to shop the gift shop before anyone else shops it in December.

Thank you for all your help! 

Sabine and Christian from the Gift shop! 




More about Gift Shop:


Each year the CCE PTA sets up our Holiday Gift Shop in December to allow students to shop for their loved ones. Your child will have the opportunity to shop independently and come home with gifts for their family members! The PTA has shopped sales and clearance throughout the year to curate the shop for the CCE students. Since this is not a fundraiser, the heavily discounted prices are passed down to the students tax free. 


Children are encouraged to bring spending money on their class' designated shopping day to shop for gifts with the assistance of parent volunteers. Please do not send money ahead of your child’s shopping day!


Once all classes have shopped, the Holiday Gift Shop will open on the last day (typically Thursday 8am-noon)) to others like family, teachers, staff, and children that were unable to shop during their class time. Please note: the shop will stay open until inventory is depleted, which may be sooner than 12pm. 


Please talk with your child to determine who they would like to shop for and complete the front of your child's envelope that will be sent home in their Friday packet. This will help your student to remember who is on their gift list and volunteers help guide their shopping. We have gifts offerings for moms, dads, grandparents, teens, tweens, youth, toddler, babies, and even pets! Gifts are $6 and under, with many items priced at $1 or less.


Money (cash or *checks) should be sent to school in the sealed Gift Shop envelope on your student’s designated shopping day (not ahead of time).  Please see the class shopping schedule when it is released.


The PTA has scholarships for any student who may have need for Gift Shop. Reach out to Mrs. Cooney (kara.cooney@risd.org) by noon on Friday, December 8 to access scholarship funds.


Interested in volunteering? We need parent volunteers to assist our shoppers. Please be on the lookout in December for the signup up through VOLY for various volunteer time slots. (Reminder: log into your VOLY account on your browser before clicking on the volunteer link for easiest way to find them.)




Want more info? Please email: gifsthop@ccepta.org 


*Please make check out to CCE PTA. Please include your driver’s license number, date of birth and phone number on the checks. Also, please no blank checks!*

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