Every year CCE PTA reserves a portion of our budget for approved disbursements.


Disbursements are usually larger ticket items that could be used to improve our school's campus, learning opportunities, and overall experience. Some examples from years past have been:

House App & Wheel, Digital Marquee in the front of the school, Carlee the Cougar Mascot, Gaga Ball Pit, Library Resources, Books, Morale funding for staff, Great Reading Games resourced for dyslexia department, and more!


Anyone on CCE staff or of CCE PTA Membership can submit a request.

These request must be researched for price quotes and implementation strategy upon submission. Not all requests can be grated, but we love all the ideas! All requests subject to approval by our Disbursement Committee, and ultimately our principal, Mrs. Baker and the district if applicable. 


All Disbursement Requests for the 2024-2025 school year must be made by April 18, 2024 via the following link:





Questions? Email president@ccepta.org or treasurer@ccepta.org



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