April 18th, 2024


The CCE PTA Board is proposing changes to our Bylaws and Standing Rules before we move into next school year. 


The two biggest reasons for changes are that we are adding an Aide (to president) role as our 1st VP position (as many other surrounding schools have) and we are adding a Belonging Committee to our Standing Rules. (Explanations for these changes are listed in the PDFs.)


Each proposed amendment will present current wording, proposed new wording, and then an explanation for each change.


These proposed amendments will be up for a vote at our May general meeting.


If you have concerns or questions about the proposed amendments, please reach out to our Parliamentarian, Tiffany Garza, ASAP at parliamentarian@ccepta.org


Proposed Bylaws Updates PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w9BJy8cWgwmqXv24QBNAEmsYN82F1P7o/view?usp=sharing



Proposed Standing Rules Updates PDF:



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